We are in the SECOND pot/ From Italy, Serbia to the "big" representatives, get to know the possible rivals of the Rossoneri

2023-11-21 11:33:54Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The main objective, after the success against the Czech Republic, was to close Group E at the top, this objective was achieved, making Albania now positioned in the second pot.

On paper, if we look at the possible rivals of the Reds and Blacks, there is not much reason to celebrate, as all 21 qualified representatives so far are higher than Albania in the FIFA rankings, they are also representatives with a tradition in European football. , but this fact in the field is not always decisive.

In the second pot, together with Albania, Hungary, Turkey, Denmark, Romania and Austria are placed. Albania cannot face any of these representatives.

In the first pot we have Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium and England. At this point it is difficult to choose, but the president Duka expressed his desire, asks the organizers in the group.

The situation gets somewhat complicated when we see the representatives who are in the third pot: Scotland, Slovakia, Holland, Serbia, Croatia and recently Italy joined the group.

Of course, the Netherlands, Italy or Croatia are not comfortable rivals, on the contrary, emblematic representatives of European and world football.

Three representatives have been placed in the fourth pot, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, while the last three representatives will be filled after the end of the League of Nations.