UEFA changes the rules, the number of players called up to the European Championship is reduced. How much does Armando Broja and Marash Kumbulla risk?

2023-11-21 08:44:00Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

UEFA has changed the rules regarding the players who could be called to an important event like the European Championship.

In fact, only 23 players can be assembled in such a tournament. But due to COVID 19, the number increased to 26 players, due to increased problems with the players' health.

This favor for the National Teams will be removed, it has been confirmed by the British media that only 23 footballers will be called up for the European Championship in Germany.

But how much do Marash Kumbulla and Armando Broja risk to be part of this list? Marash Kumbulla can swap places with Frederik Veseli, a logical aspect, given that Veseli is the only defender who has not been used so far.

But the issue of Broja is somewhat more difficult. We all know that Broja is the next level striker and probably the best the National team has ever had. 

But this striker must leave someone between Muci, Uzun, Muja, Asan, Sefer, Cikalles or Daku at home.

How difficult will it be for Silvinho to explain to one of these strikers who have contributed to Albania because Armando Broja, who has not played any of the qualifiers due to injury, should be on the list?

What will Silvinho's choice be and will there be the same dramas as in the case of Gimshit in France? A new story will start soon, reaching the European and so many players also bring headaches.