Equalization with the Faroe Islands, Gjimshiti: We achieved the objectives. Asllani: We were not looking for a draw, we had to win

2023-11-20 23:24:43Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The captain of the Albanian national team does not hide the desire to win and give goals to the fans in the match against the Faroe Islands, but it was not the case.

This is what the captain said after the match at the "Air Albania" stadium, where the teams drew 0 to 0.

"Of course we wanted to play well for the fans, but that was not the case. The second objective tonight was the first place, I believe it was achieved. I don't believe we underestimated them, but I believe they were more physical, they were ready because they didn't have matches like us, they weren't tired like us, they were fresh, but at this moment no team should be underestimated because everyone they have their own qualities".

Asllani: We were not looking for a draw, we had to win

After the 0-0 draw against the Faroe Islands in "Air Albania", Kristjan Asllani said that the national team did not want this result, but did everything to win.

"We weren't looking for a draw, we had to win. But they fought a lot, put pressure up, good thing we didn't suffer. But, a draw is fine. Adapting to the Bar? Nothing changes, we have to continue like this. We will all fight to keep the place and all those who are not in the starting line-up train very well", said Asllani.

Beyond the draw, Albania managed to take first place in Group E for Euro 2024.