The FSHF leaves "Plisat" outside the Stadium "Air Albania", this is suspected to be the cause of expulsion

2023-11-20 15:08:07Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The "Plisave" tifogrup will not be present today on the steps of the Air Albania stadium to give the Reds their last match of the qualifying phase.

During today, a member of the "Plisave" revealed that they were not given tickets by the AFF, expressing at the same time the revolt with this decision, while writing that AFF is temporary, but what remains forever is Albania.

However, Kosovo media report that "Plisave" were not allocated tickets because they had previously misused them.

A source within the group said the Plisat had also received tickets for previous matches, but distributed them elsewhere, as they secured entry to the stadium earlier. This has caused the stadium to overflow, while some people entered with the same ticket.

Albania will face the Faroe Islands today in an attempt to retain first place in the group, for which it needs only 1 point.