"De Biazi did not congratulate me"! Sylvinho's different story: I don't know what the girl does in Madrid! The boy plays in America

2023-12-10 21:32:51Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sylvinho with his family

Sylvinho has done a fantastic job in charge of Albania, sending the Reds and Blacks to the finals of a European championship for the second time.

During an interview on "Ora Sport" with journalist Altin Sulçe, the Brazilian coach also revealed some secrets from working with his staff.

As for his family, Sylvinho showed that he has very good communication with his daughter and son.

However, he surprised quite a bit by saying that he does not know what his daughter who lives in Madrid does.

There have been many messages for Sylvinho, after sending Albania to Euro 2024.

Among those who have complimented him were Mancini and Tite, but not Gianni De Biasi, the former coach of the Rossoneri.

Sulçe: Communication with your son and daughter? Talk to the boy to be more careful and have this kind of discipline in life.

Sylvinho : No, they are not with me anymore. My daughter is 21 years old and lives in Madrid.

Sulçe: Is she an architect?

Sylvinho: I don't know what you do, maybe business, something like that I don't know.

Sulçe: I don't know?

Sylvinho : No, I don't know. This is my fault.

Sulçe: I don't know what's going on with him?

Sylvinho : It's my fault. She understands me. I love him, we have a great relationship, but when he asks me what he studies in Madrid, I say sorry, maybe business.

Sulçe: What about the boy, does he play football?

Sylvinho: Yes, he plays football. He took an important step in his life, 4 months ago. There was a good opportunity to go to a university in Europe. He also had a chance to play in the US and stayed there doing university as well.

Sulçe: You received many messages after the qualification. I saw Roberto Carlos on Instagram to say hi to you because I checked last night for you to find out more. But who was the best message. Many coaches have written to you?

Sylvinho: To be honest, I only had a few friends when it comes to the coach. I spoke with Roberto (Mancini), with Tita from Brazil, now at Flamengo.

Sulçe: Everyone happy...

Sylvinho: Everyone congratulating me, very good job, incredible.

Sulçe: Did Gianni De Biasi send you a message?

Sylvinho: No. He didn't send me

Sulçe: He didn't send you?

Sylvinho: No.