Briken Calja 'steals' medals in Qatar

2023-12-10 20:16:29Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Briken Calja

The Albanian weightlifter ended her participation in the Qatar Grand Prix with a bronze medal.

This medal bears the signature of Briken Caljas.

In the breakaway style, Briken Calja excelled, successfully clearing the test at 155kg.

This is an important result for Caljen, who returns to medals in prestigious international events after about 2 years.

"Be convinced that this will be Briken's year, I will give my best not only in the Olympic Games, but why not sing our anthem in the European championship that will take place in Sofia", said Briken Calja a few days ago.

On the other hand, the Albanian weightlifter, Erkand Qerimaj, has managed to secure the necessary points to be part of the "Paris 2024" Olympic Games.

In the "Grand Prix II" Championship that is taking place in Doha, Qatar, Qerimaj competed this Saturday, where he secured the points.

Erkandi competed in the 81kg category and reached the fourth place in the breakaway style with 153kg, the push style with 183kg as well as in the doubles 336kg in total.