Argentina goes first in the group and avoids France. Poland lose but qualify

2022-11-30 22:15:23Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Argentina goes first in the group and avoids France

Thanks to the second victory in a row, Argentina has taken the first place in the group and has avoided the clash with France.

The goals for Argentina were scored by MacAllister and Alvarez, both in the second half. Meanwhile, in the first half, Messi missed a 11-meter penalty after Szczesny's save. The Polish goalkeeper during the match with his saves avoided a sports carnage, while Poland never took any risks in front of the Argentine goal.

However, in addition to the defeat in the result and the game, the Poles also advanced thanks to the result of the other match, the one between Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

The Mexicans won 2-1, but with a weaker goal difference, they finished in third place in the group, with 4 points.