Elections in Kukës, SP candidate votes: Choose the best alternative!

2023-09-24 09:54:13Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Albert Halilaj

The SP candidate for the municipality of Kukës, Albert Halilaj, has voted, while there was also a call for all citizens to go to the polls and choose the best alternative for their city.

" Thank you for being present. From the citizens of Kukës, I expect voting participation, to vote for a boy who will reward Kukës.

The only campaign we don't have after an incident, I congratulate them for the values ??they have conveyed. I invite them to vote for the best and most convincing alternative for this wonderful city" , said Halilaj.

We remind you that the elections are repeated in this district, after the dismissal of Safet Gjic from the post of mayor, due to a video scandal in his office. In the partial local elections in Kukës, only one ballot will be used for the candidate of the municipality. According to the CEC, there are 45,946 voters registered in the voting lists, 22,174 of whom are female voters and 23,772 are male voters.

In these elections, 5 political parties, SP, PL, PD, PDK and PEI, were registered as electoral subjects. The "Bashke Fitomje" coalition is also registered as an electoral subject. Voters will have the opportunity to vote in 74 polling stations, 1 of which has been set up in the Kukës district detention facility. For the identification of voters, the Electronic Voter Identification System (SEIV) will be implemented and Electronic Identification Devices (EIIs) located in 74 polling stations will be used, which will ensure the correct identification of voters, based on the electronic register of voters. kept in the device.

The voter will appear at his voting center with a biometric ID card or passport, to be identified through the PEI device, where, in addition to the identification document, he will also leave dactyloscopic traces (fingerprints), which will serve to record the cases of illegal voting.

As far as polling station commissions are concerned, in 37 polling stations 4 commission members are divided between PD and PL. While in other 37 voting centers the composition of the commissions of the voting centers is with 3 members proposed by SP, 3 members proposed by DP and 1 member proposed by PL.

Regarding the counting groups, 5 counting groups will be set up where 2 members of the counting group will be from SP, 1 member from DP and 1 member from PL. These elections will cost the state budget 25,457,496 ALL.