The strong warning of the head of the PDIU: If the opposition continues with Beler, in 2025 we will only go to the elections

2023-09-23 19:31:39Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Shpetim Idrizi and Fredi Beleri

The President of PDIU, Shpëtim Idrizi warned today that if the opposition will continue to defend Fredi Beler's case, the political force he leads will stand alone in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Invited to "Kjo Javë" on News24, he said that the PDIU does not take a pro-Basha or pro-Berisha position, but added that the DP must be unified within itself as soon as possible.

Can there be a rapprochement with Rama? You have also voted for government laws...

PDIU does not take sides in the internal conflict that PD has. In the battle with Basha or Berisha and Gaz Bardhi, PDIU as an allied party of DP, of the opposition spectrum, we do not get involved and do not intervene. They have an obligation to unite among themselves for the sake of the democrats but also because the country needs an opposition. An opposition with 3 years of problems is not good for the country. The PDIU cannot be included between the parties.

Where are you towards 2025?

2025 is far away. PDIU, if it does not participate between the parties, has not changed its position. PDIU has its own cause and specificity. I was asked the question "will you go to this rally?". If a party was in solidarity with PDIU on the Cham issue, I would go. In 2017, the DP chairman said "throw the votes of the PDIU into the river", while they received 6 ministers in the government. The same situation was in 2021. He never told me in 2021 why LSI and PD did not make an agreement, at the last moment, 1 month before the elections, we expected that there would be an agreement. We knew from the numbers that we were winners. I'm going to roar these from behind? I have other jobs too. We travel together, but I am not married to them. These should sort themselves out once. Regarding the support in the Parliament, we also support the recent initiatives for investigative commissions.

Have a break?

From the political point of view, it is normal that at certain moments everyone has an interest in their own causes. Did you see that the citizenship law was voted by 97 deputies yesterday? It was very well done. We take the law for the Constitutional Court, the question cannot be asked whether you will vote for it or not. The question is, do you have a real debate within the Parliament so that we can understand that 7 million ALL for the president of the Constitutional Court is too much in relation to salaries and pensions?

With your eyes on 2025, what do you as PDIU want from the opposition?

It is not left for us to ask them, because the whole opinion is asking them, they must find the reason to join together in DP. sometimes it seems intentional to me, Basha-Berisha-Bardhi is constantly discussed, while the receptors should be in the majority. We know that to win elections you have to be alternative. A few more figures are needed to inspire hope.

Is the opposition alternative?

No, it's not. You mean why PDIU was not invited to the coalition? Because an agreement was made with Beler and here we have Beler's fish. If this situation will continue until 2025, we will go out on our own.

Is there an approach to Rama?

What I know very well is that this majority does not need it. With the way we are behaving, this majority will not need it.