"Legen, skut, you'll eat it..."/ Bad break between Bledi Manes and Adriatik Lapajt: Show who cleans your father-in-law's money

2023-09-23 21:58:14Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Adriatik Lapaj and Bledi Mane

A post by Bledi Manes has initiated a virtual debate between the journalist and Adriatik Lapajt, who a few days ago officially presented the civic movement "Alhqipria Bëhet".

Bledi Mane has raised doubts that Lapaj launders the money of the former president of the court of Saranda, Alltun Çela.

" The son-in-law is suspected of laundering the money of his father-in-law. The second in the middle with the opposition man, deputy of PD, this time wants to try the power himself, the third is the comedian converted into opposition who promotes his party on Shkëlzen Berisha's television... Old food soured in a new pot! ", Mane went.

The reaction of the lawyer was also immediate, warning the journalist to prove the accusations of money laundering or else the court will face him.

" I believe that the criminal and civil suit has come from the poor man. You will eat it, brave one. You will have to prove in court who launders money. Now since you're a skunk, remove that word "suspected". Tell him bluntly that I launder money and I publicly promise to take you to court.

We will go to court and we will share it together. You try the money I clean and I go to jail, or you go to jail. Legen ," Lapaj writes while commenting on Manes' post.

The journalist then follows the debate virtually and advises Lapaj to be careful with threats.

" Adriatik Lapaj, since the second day of the establishment of your party, you have been derailed. He pokes his nose into a private property and intimidates, insults and threatens a journalist with the words "you will eat it, you brave", "skuthi type", "legen"...

As early as the second day of the establishment of your party, I tore the veil of hypocrisy and you showed yourself how ordinary you are in public communication. As for threats, I'm telling you, your sick father-in-law, your tutor Argita, and anyone else in your party that you've found the wrong person.

When my journalism shook the foundations of the mafia families Berisha, Fullani, Llalla, Zaganjori, Beqja, Gjingjoni, you were still a Monika Lewinsky who paid lip service to Kreshnik's servility. So when you face me, grow physically, grow mentally, change your hairstyle, don't wear pointy shoes, don't bend your knees when you walk on asphalt, don't eat cow's cheese in the morning and don't only read books by Isabelle Allendes.

Be careful once again with the threats against me, in the meantime tell us why vettingu ceremoniously removed your corrupt father-in-law and who cleans his money, you or some mysybet as your business. Let's meet together wherever you want, even in court, even at your grocery store, even in Saranda, even in Tirana!" replies Mane.