VIDEO/ "You spoke as if you were in labor pains", clash between Salianji and Gogu at TIMS: I wish that your mother...

2024-07-10 11:46:06Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervin Salianji/ Toni Gogu

A debate has started at the meeting of the Investigative Committee on the leakage of TIMS system data. The reason was a sentence said by the head of this Commission, deputy of the Democratic Party, Ervin Salianji.

In his speech, Salianji compared the way the vice-chairman of the Commission, Toni Gogu, was talking about the decision of the Constitutional Court on the Law of Investigative Commissions, as if he had "birth pains".

After Salianji finished his sentence, Gogu followed by mentioning the democratic deputy's mother. 

Excerpts from the debate:

Salianji : Every meeting that was supposed to bring transparency and light to the darkness, you have closed with intermediate decision-making, violating the law, even according to the court's decision. I'm glad you keep your heads down, because most of you steal and keep your heads up. Meetings held behind closed doors, the minutes must be disclosed or witnesses must be re-examined. You look in trouble, as if you were in the process of giving birth, not as if you were talking about a court notice. Despite the endless evidence brought by senior Police leaders against each other leaving the responsibility to each other, they continue to be senior Police leaders. With all the obstacles you have created, you say that the concern is why it has not occurred to us to bring it around like a cloud to the doors of the parliament. Ore, you have violated the constitution in a row, for days in a row to become a barricade of illegality. The others are discussions that we divide politically as you like.

Toni Gogu: To put it bluntly, if the law was against the constitution it would have been repealed, the law is in force. We will take this work to the end. That is why we are for this country to continue to modernize. For that word you said 'birth pains', I thank you for choosing that pain to describe the pain I felt. But out of respect for my fellow ladies and also for your mother, who I hope the labor pains have not been in vain... it would be good if you referred to her with great respect.