DP removes Ervin Salianji as political leader in Kavaja, the reason is revealed!

2024-07-09 13:27:15Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervin Salianji

The Democratic Party makes strong changes to those who will be the political leaders in the districts, within the framework of the 2025 elections.

After the determination of Luciano Boçi from Elbasan to Shkodër, another strong move is confirmed by the sources of what happened at the blue headquarters.

Ervin Salianji will be the political leader of the Democratic Party in the District of Elbasan, writes bw .

Salianji was a delegate of the Democrats in Kavaja, where he worked for the May 14 elections, from which this municipality was won by the coalition "We win together".

In the elections of 2021, Salianji ran in the district of Korça where he managed to secure 9420 votes, being the most voted MP from the ranks of the opposition. In the elections of 2021, the Democratic Party managed to win 6 mandates out of 14 that this district has.