"My slogan is 'solution, not crisis'", Vangjel Tavo: The biggest problem in Himare is the properties!

2024-07-09 14:55:41Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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The candidate of the Socialist Party for the Municipality of Himara , Vangjel Tavo, in an interview, said that the biggest problem that Himara has are properties.

He emphasized that he has taken this problem personally since the first day he was appointed prefect of Vlora.

'' I feel honored to run for mayor in Himare. I will move to Himare because I am still in Vlora but I will be in contact with people every day. The Mayor has commitments with the community. The main problem is the registration of properties and I have been committed to this since the first day I came to Vlora and I am in a position to say with pleasure that 1226 certificates have been distributed and many more are about to be distributed and I say that no citizen will to remain without receiving the ownership certificate, this is the prime minister's promise but also mine. I don't say this about the campaign because there are many problems here that need to be fixed, but this is an issue that I separate from the electoral campaign ,'' said Tavo.

He also spoke about potential rival candidates in this race, stressing that the focus will be on citizens' concerns.

" Every candidate in front of me is welcome. But I will not deal with any of them. I am concerned about the problems that the citizens have. I will not deal with other candidates. My slogan is "solution, not crisis". There is no crisis, but solutions to problems in Himare ," he said.