DECISION: The full letter of SPAK is revealed, the lawsuit of Olsi Rama was not accepted because Bardhi did not file a report against him!

2024-04-25 15:13:08Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Olsi Rama/ Gazment Bardh

SPAK has decided not to consider the criminal report of the prime minister's brother,  Olsi Rama, against the leader of the DP group, Gazment Bardhi .

In the full decision published by tch , it is said that Rama's complaint against Bardhi has been dismissed because Gazment Bardhi did not report to the prosecutor's office about the implication of the brother of the head of government in the " Xibraka" laboratory .

"...Gazment Bardhi has not filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office or with the judicial police against citizen Olsi Rama. zAs long as it is not proven that the accused has committed the fact that has been reported, then guilt is not proven either, since it is not proven as an intellectual element nor even the voluntary element that guilt exists as an essential element of criminal responsibility", says the SPAK decision.

According to the Prosecutor, as long as there is no report, no criminal offense can be proven.