Why do the Greeks constantly tense the situation in Himara? This is how Pigeon Xhufi answers

2024-07-10 22:29:24Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Juffy Pigeon

Academician and historian Pëllumb Xhufi considered Himara as a strategic issue from the Greek side. According to him, this is the reason why the Greeks constantly stress the issue with Himara.

Xhufi said that Himara is one step away from Vlora, but the Greeks cannot claim either Vlora or Labëria.

"Himara has access to the sea and of course the Greeks need it for geo-strategic interests, because they want to have control over the Otranto channel, after the Corfu channel. Himara was a place with thorns, while now it has other value, including in terms of properties or other economic interests", said Xhufi in the show "Open".

Xhufi also commented on the decision of the Appeal of GJKKO against Fredi Beleri, which upheld the sentence of two years in prison for electoral corruption, he said that judges are people of the law, they have their reasons, but it is one of those issues that the authorities have "own hand".

Xhufi said that the trial of Fredi Beler should have been done long ago, as he was accused of a very serious crime, for the massacre of Peshkpi, he was found guilty, he was in the same car with the accused persons, they had weapons in the car theirs.

He said that Beleri was also punished in Albania for the calls he made.

"The sentence was made on the basis of the facts, we have a judicial system monitored by all parties, including Greece. He got very deep not only in the matter of buying votes, but also in the distribution of documents, so he offered favors and privileges to people who wanted to go to Greece ", said Xhufi.

Following the comment on the Beleri case, Xhufi said that official Tirana is right in the debate that this case created with official Athens.

"The fault of the institutions in Albania is that they let a person run who has had problems with the law", said Xhufi.

Regarding the election of Beler as an MEP, Xhufi said that Beler cannot create any problems for the Albanian issue or for the official Tirana.

"He will represent Greece, I don't think that the official Tirana will suffer a lot or should give up all this just fight that he has done for the Beleri issue", he said.