"We are preparing", Berisha warns (for the umpteenth time) of powerful protests

2023-10-02 20:00:27Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sali Berisha

In the premises outside the Assembly, Sali Berisha spoke about the election process of May 14. He says that based on the OSCE ODIHR report, the vote in the local elections was controlled in the most illegal way.

"The de facto controlled vote is in clinical death. The report also states that the most illegal, anti-constitutional means were used to control the vote, means that violated the electoral code, the international standards of free elections. This proves that the Albanian Prime Minister directly helped the machine of fear and pressure with his bandit threats to the citizens in case they would vote for the opposition candidates. It shows that the elections were controlled by the administration and the red terrorists in the guise of patronage did everything to dictate the will of the Albanian citizens."

Berisha called on the citizens to come out in strong protests and emphasized that the DP is making preparations, although he already makes this statement in every public appearance.

He also added that the Democratic Party is moving towards unification and that the main goal is the overthrow of the current government.

"Anyone who reads this report carefully will find that May 14 was a real electoral farce, and my call to 600 thousand Albanian idealists who disdainfully rejected any form of illegality to prepare for sustained and powerful protests to remove this government which is based on the principle that crime turns into vote, vote turns into crime. Never justify a stolen vote. DP stands strong to lead the Albanians. Let's stand up against the regime and we are preparing for a sustainable movement with the main goal for Albanians to be a free people like the other peoples of the region. The process is ongoing, a great deal is being done to unify the opposition. The main direction of the DP should be the overthrow of this regime which rests on the binomial: Crime in the vote and the vote turns into crime!"