The Croatian newspaper reveals BEHIND THE SCENES: Rama in Zagreb will inaugurate the super-luxury hotel of Bashkim Ulaj (PHOTO)

2023-10-02 18:24:12Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Bashkim Ulaj / Edi Rama

The Croatian media have disclosed details of Prime Minister Edi Rama's visit to Croatia, where today he met with the country's Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic and signed the agreement on the recognition of Albanian immigrants' pensions.

According to the "Tportal" newspaper, during his visit to Croatia, Rama will participate in the inauguration of the hotel built by businessman Bashkim Ulaj.

The two prime ministers will appear on Monday at the official opening of the "Met Boutique" hotel in the center of Zagreb.

Together with Andrej Plenkovic, the event will be decorated by Prime Minister Edi Rama. The invitation to the media states that the hotel is an "excellent example of economic cooperation between Albania and Croatia". Specifically, the investor is the Albanian company Gener 2, owned by one of the richest Albanians, Bashkim Ulaj.

The project started in 2017, when the building in Prashka 4 was bought by the company Abau from Lovran, whose owner is Gener 2.

The new Met Boutique Hotel has five stars. There are 26 rooms on five floors, and in the attic there are meeting rooms, a bathroom and three apartments. The hotel's website states that the aim was "to create an interior that highlights modernity, comfort and unmistakable luxury, while avoiding predictability".

Ulaj has two companies registered in Croatia, both based in Lovran. In addition to the aforementioned Abau company, it is Gener 2, a subsidiary of the parent company. The director of both companies is Ahmet Ulaj.

Last September, Lovran's Gener 2 got a job in Rijeka, worth around 27.5 million euros, as a contractor within the EU project to improve water and municipal infrastructure. On that occasion, Ahmet Ulaj said that it is the first time that they are appearing in Croatia for such work and their intention is to continue investing here, writes the "Tportal" newspaper.

Bashkim Ulaj built his business empire in construction. The Albanian media ranks him among the most powerful businessmen in the country, emphasizing his excellent political connections.

Ulaj is originally from the village of Vuthaj in Montenegro. In the 60s, his family moved to Albania, to the city of Laç, not far from Tirana.