Braçe revolts in the parliament: Greece, the only country that does nothing for the insurance of Albanian immigrants! Increase the pressure

2023-10-02 18:01:40Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Deputy Erion Braçe

Albania has managed to sign important agreements for the social security of hundreds of thousands of immigrants living in the European Union states, recently with Switzerland and Croatia, and has managed to make progress in negotiations with Italy.

This was appreciated by the socialist MP Erion Braçe, who also emphasized during his speech in Parliament that Greece remains a problem.

Braçe said that Greece is the only country that is not doing anything for Albanian immigrants, who have been paying contributions regularly for years, to benefit. He demanded that Albania increase the pressure on Greece.

"Albanians who are there are waiting and waiting to benefit from social security, the only one that does nothing is Greece. Hundreds of thousands of Albanians who live and work there have been paying for years, have contributed and must receive back the contributions for their social security. This cannot be just an issue for Albania, commissions should be set up to increase the pressure on Greece", Braçe declared in the Parliament.