Braçe makes fun of Korreshi: Who doesn't like grapes and tomatoes to wait for leek season

2023-10-02 19:15:34Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Erion Brace and Saimir Korreshi

The socialist MP Erion Braçe has reacted with ironic tones to the accusations of the democratic MP Sajmir Korreshi. The latter stated that agriculture is in its darkest day.

From the floor of the Assembly, Korreshi has ironized the images shared by Socialist MP Erion Braçe from the vineyards of Lushnja, asking him to tell him the secret of how problems are solved with selfies, while he said that the majority said that he is not helping the farmers, but that only those who are with the SP are being advertised through the mobile phone.

Brace replied by saying that Korreshi has benefited more than the socialists in Lushnja.

He mentioned to Korresh the watermelons and chestnuts that he received in the Parliament and expressed ironically that who did not like the meetings in Lushnja or the watermelons, grapes, tomatoes and so on, he should wait for the season of leeks because it is near.

"First of all, when you go to the village, you don't ask anyone for a party. There are some in this hall who are democrats and have benefited more than the socialists in Lushnja. You are the first (to Korresh). Natural phenomena do not depend on government. When someone in this hall took the watermelon and put the cucumber inside, I was talking about climate change. This is the first. Secondly, if there are those in this room who think it was a bad agricultural year, I cannot help them. There is a problem with the grain collectors that starts at the Lushnja ring road with the official DP chairman and ends in Tirana and will start from wheat to corn. Who didn't like meetings in Lushnja or watermelons, grapes, tomatoes and so on, wait for leek season because it's close."