The legislation for the EU will be done by "ChatGPT", Rama reveals the phone call with Mira Murat: She laughed when I told her that...

2023-12-08 17:05:38Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Mira Murati / Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama says that Albania will carry out the voluminous work for the approximation of legislation with the European Union through Artificial Intelligence.

During his speech at the Congress of the Socialist Party, Rama revealed the phone call with the head of products at "Open AI", Mira Murati, to whom he asked for help in the design of over 280,000 pages, which, as he said, does not consist only of translation, but and adaptation.

Rama said that this will save our country a lot of time and eliminate the need for hundreds of experts.

Excerpt from Rama's speech:

I look for Mira Murat, with a shyness that does not characterize me, and she gives me a telephone appointment. And I dare to ask him for help to get Albania ready for the EU sooner. She laughs though and says yes I hear you. Is it possible that we, instead of recruiting an army of translators and lawyers, and spending several tens of millions of euros on taking EU measures, do this through the GPT Chat. She listened to me and said yes she can. This is how the joint work began, and today I want to share with you that on December 13 in Brussels, I will leave as a postcard to all EU leaders, the successful result of artificial intelligence for the placement of 280 thousand pages, legal measures of EU.

Our revolutionary model at the head of this monumental process in terms of the volume of work, does not only translate, but essentially allows us a pharmaceutical peeling, exposing us to all the series of overlaps that have occurred as a result of passing laws without taking into account, and also giving us the impact analyzes of each measure, for which we would otherwise need dozens and dozens of experts. Albania will not only align its legislation with the EU, but it will do it faster than anyone before, and it will even help Kosovo.