Rama says that Albania's progress risks being undone as quickly as it was achieved, if the SP leaves power

2023-12-08 16:49:23Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Prime Minister Edi Rama at the SP Congress

Prime Minister Edi Rama delivered his speech today at the Congress of the Socialist Party, evaluating the progress of Albania during the government of his party.

Rama, however, said that the progress achieved in recent years could be undone just as quickly, if SP is no longer in power. Therefore, he asked for the mobilization of every socialist, who, as he said, "must put his finger on his head" and think every day about the tasks that the party has assigned him.

The head of the Socialist Party, Rama said that his government should now focus on making Albania ready for EU membership.

Excerpt from Rama's speech:

I want to focus on some key topics for tomorrow, for Albania, the state, the party. Albania is by no means out of danger of turning back. We will focus on creating no-return, no-stop guarantees. Just imagine for a moment what your eyes look around, if we are not here, and others are in our place, how quickly this progress can be reversed.

For us, nothing of what was said and seen from morning until now can be enough. We will demand more infrastructure, we will increase tourism, we will become a net exporter of energy, but all this will not make Albania a country ready for the EU, if we do not have European justice and good European governance .

Nor will a few electoral victories with a few opponents neither alive nor dead do this party, devoted to human capital. If the SP does not raise the demand for itself, through each one of its leaders at every level, then there is no one to prepare Albania to enter the EU. Albania's readiness for full membership in the European family, the growth of human capital are today and for years to come, inextricably linked to this party.

Everyone has a duty from this party, to put a finger on the head every day and remember well this absolute fate, if SP stops, sits and is satisfied and does not aim higher and higher, guarantees are missing and progress falls into serious discussion .