Peleshi: In 2024, the Black Hawk and Bayraktar helicopters will arrive, we will install an anti-drone system

2023-12-08 15:37:33Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Defense Minister Niko Peleshi says that Albania will be equipped with American Black Hawk helicopters in January next year.

During his speech at the Congress of the Socialist Party, Peleshi said that in the spring of 2024, the "Bayraktar" model drones of Turkish production will also arrive.

Peleshi said that today Albania is covered by satellite service through two satellites launched a while ago into space, while soon it will be equipped with an anti-drone system.

"Satellite service today helps the work of many law enforcement and development institutions.

The drone fleet, a new military capability, will also contribute to the facilitation and improvement of other public services, from law and order to infrastructure.

The anti-drone defense system will cover not only the military infrastructure, but also the civil one," said Peleshi.