"Albania 2030", Rama's cynical project to pass the years of Enver Hoxha in power!

2023-12-08 15:13:21Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Enver Hoxha/ Edi Rama

Note: Edi Rama came to power in 2013 with a tambourine, defended it in 2017 with a steering wheel and, like no one else in the history of Albanian pluralism, won the third mandate with a pan.

If in 2013, apart from the tambourine, Rama also presented to the Albanians an ambitious program with promises from free healthcare, to the financing of 5 percent of the gross domestic product of education, to the opening of negotiations and the good management of EU funds, the same thing it didn't happen in the two previous elections he won.

In 2017, Rama threw the program away and took the wheel. He blamed the coalition with Ilir Meta ( who previously elected him as President ) for not fulfilling the promises given in 2013 and asked for the vote of the citizens with almost the same promises.

Those who at that time dared to ask for a governing program for the second term, with concrete objectives for salaries, pensions, investments, education, health and European integration, were answered by saying that the SP has more than one program, it has a platform .

The wordplay between the platform program was replaced with a 28-page leaflet after taking power and forming the 'Rama 2' government. In the program, after a summary of the successes achieved in the first mandate, justice, education, health, integration were talked about in general terms without figures, without deadlines, but only with objectives in the air.

Rama's perpetuation in power was the year 2019 when he received a good hand from the opposition, who after burning the mandates also boycotted the local elections. In these elections, he spoke for the first time about the "Albania 2030" platform.

In 2021, he left the program and took the wheel. As in 2017, the campaign focused on attacks on the opponents, saying that the only goal is the pot of power and not the interests of the citizens.

He spoke again about the 'Albania 2030' platform with the objectives set by the Government beyond the four-year mandate. So far, there is nothing abnormal when it comes to the objectives of a political party, where the priority is to govern as long as possible.

But, the Socialist Party today is Edi Rama and behind the platform hides the Prime Minister's cynical ambition to stay at least until 2030, and even surpass Enver Hoxha. Why cynical? Cynical because Rama has put everyone in line and the word of Elisa Spiropali in this congress is enough to understand that their career in politics depends entirely on him.

The ambition is cynical because, if Edi Rama has the ability to reinvent himself every time there are elections, the same cannot be said for the Socialist Party.

The party today seems more exhausted than ever from power, it lacks a new vision, an approach, or a new idea for governance, development and the future of the country.

This is also understood from the speeches in Congress, where in the justice panel, Ulsi Manja and Erion Braçe spoke about January 21, 12 years after the tragedy and 10 years after taking power.

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