FACTS/ Belind Kelliçi does not have a high school diploma!

2023-04-23 16:33:38Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
In the photo: Belind Kelliçi, candidate of the Meta-Berisha coalition

Belind Kelliçi , the candidate of the Meta-Berisha coalition , according to a series of state documents from the Ministry of Education, turns out not to have finished high school.

Belind Këlliçi herself, a few days ago, in a television interview, publicly admitted that she had completed only 4 years out of the 5 years needed to obtain a high school diploma at the "Harry Fultz" Institute, " Business Branch " .

This document dated January 16, 2023, issued by the "Harry Fultz" Institute, confirms that Belind Këlliçi has completed only 4 years of studies out of the 5-year cycle of the Business Branch, proving the fact that he has not completed high school and has not graduated for the relevant study program.

It remains unclear whether this is a violation of Belind Kelliçi or a practice of "Harry Fultz" to serve as an intermediary agency for education abroad.

This proves that the "We Win Together" coalition candidate in Tirana does not have a diploma certifying completion of high school.

This is another state document from the Ministry of Education dated February 9, 2023, from which it is confirmed that Këlliç's name is not found in the state matura registers.

The document shows that Belind Kelliçi did not take the State Matura exams, and therefore could never have been equipped with a valid high school diploma.

This is also confirmed by the number of the high school student, which proves that he has not finished the full 5-year cycle, as there is a note in the register that says "he left abroad" in 2004-2005.

However, without having a high school diploma, Belind Kelliçi enrolled in 2005 at "Coppin University" in the USA.

Another document from the Ministry of Education proves that Belind Kelliçi has illegally obtained a university degree after returning from the USA.

This happened in 2010 when the Ministry of Education was led by Sali Berisha's government.

These official documents show that Belind Këllici lied and was able to deceive both the American university and the state of Maryland in 2005, but also the Albanian state in 2010, when she completed her degree.

If we refer to the laws of the state of Maryland, fraud with official documents is a criminal offense./ Tch