EXCLUSIVE/ 'Albawings' keeps passengers in the air for 40 minutes: Do not publish videos in the media!

2023-04-18 16:44:35Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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It was predicted that the plane of the flight company " Albawings " on the line Verona-Rinas would arrive at the airport at 16:00 , but could not complete the landing maneuver in time, while it departed at 14:40 from the Italian airport of Verona .

Initially, the plane tried to land at 16:00 in Rinas , but as soon as it touched the runway only a few meters, it immediately took off because it was not safe to land the plane.

For 20 minutes, none of the flight attendants gave any information about the passengers, but then in the pit the captain argued that they could not land because the wind was strong.

Exclusive video for VoxNews :

Passengers reported to VoxNews that this seems to be just an excuse as according to the passengers present, there was no wind at all, only a little rain.

Exclusive video for VoxNews :

After 40 minutes in the air, the plane tries to land again at 4:40 p.m., this time with difficulty, but manages to land.

The stewardesses present on the trip advised the videographer at the end after the landing not to publish the materials in the online media, as according to them this was not intentional but the first landing failed due to the wind.

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