With dozens of reports against Meta and Kryemadhi, when will SPAK wake up to start investigations?

2023-04-02 16:26:03Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Monika Kryemadhi and Ilir Meta - Photo illustration

Another lawsuit was added this week to the stack of complaints in SPAK against Monika Kryemadhi and Ilir Meta, filed by former deputy, Halit Valteri. Valteri announced in Zona Zero on Top News that he had filed a complaint about the offshore payments with the Russian company of Monika Kryemadhi.

When asked what his expectations were from the special prosecutors for this report, the former deputy did not appear very optimistic, but said that the day would come when the immunity of the Kryemadhi-Meta duo would come to an end.

Valteri's pessimism regarding these reports is related to the fact that even though there are a lot of files and reports against Meta and Kryemadhi, which have been on the table of SPAK for a long time, there is still no reaction from the prosecution body.

The reports include two lawsuits against Valter for lobbying in the US and the source of the 700,000 euros paid for this purpose in Washington.

The other lawsuit is related to the payments received by Monika Kryemadhi from offshore companies, behind which are suspected Russian oligarchs with close ties to Vladimir Putin. For these payments, Prime Minister Edi Rama and the socialist majority have requested an investigation, as according to them, national security has been violated.

To this lawsuit is also added the one against Monika Kryemadhi of lawyer Idajet Beqiri. The latter asks the prosecutors to verify the charges on the expenses for cosmetic surgeries that the former head of the LSI allegedly carried out in San Marino. The amount that it is rumored that she has spent over the years could be up to 1 million euros.

Another file, for which SPAK has not reacted, is that of the CEZ-DIA affair, reopened where the main accused is Ilir Meta. According to the accusation, Meta lobbied that the arrears of millions of euros, that the citizens owed to the CEZ company, were collected by the DIA company of Kastriot Ismailaj, with strong ties to Ilir Meta.

Apart from the questioning of Meta about this file, there is no other signal from SPAK about the progress of the investigations for the other files, which include accusations of corruption, up to the concealment of wealth, or even the violation of national security.