They don't just steal citizens' pockets, Kastrati and Gega are making a name for themselves with oil smuggling

2023-03-20 14:32:08Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
In the photo: Businessmen Shefqet Kastrati and Oaulin Gega

Preliminary data from the Ministry of Finance and Customs show that the import of fuels fell by almost 10 percent throughout 2022 compared to 2021. On the other hand, INSTAT's periodic reports show that the retail volume of fuels increased by almost 5 percent last year compared to 2021.

Put simply, in 2022 less fuel entered than in 2021, but citizens consumed more. How to explain the contradiction of the figures?

One explanation could be the amount of oil being smuggled in. There are two reasons that lead to this conclusion. The first is that in the last decade, fuel consumption in Albania has increased by only 8 percent, while in the countries of the region, such as Kosovo and North Macedonia, the increase is 40 percent.

The second reason is related to the number of vehicles. From 2013 to 2022, the number of cars in Albania has almost doubled, but this has not been reflected in the amount of fuel that is imported.

In 2011, Albania with almost 400 thousand vehicles imported 457 thousand tons of fuel, while in 2022 preliminary data show that about 470 thousand tons were imported for 710 thousand vehicles. 

In North Macedonia in 2011, almost 600 thousand tons of fuel were imported. In 2020, consumption exceeded 1 million tons. Of this amount, a part goes to power plants and about 850 thousand tons is consumed by vehicles. The same thing happened with Kosovo. In both cases, it is about an increase in oil consumption by 40 percent.

Another reason that leads to the conclusion that a good part of the fuel entering Albania is contraband is the actions of seizing large quantities during last year and this year.

In total, there are almost 100 thousand liters of contraband caught in the last seven months. If the figure is multiplied by 1 euro, which is the tax burden for one liter of fuel, then the state has lost 1 million euros only with the cases caught.

Por, a është kontrabanda e naftës rastësore, apo e organizuar? Periodiciteti me të cilën janë kapur sasitë në Portin e Durrësit dhe struktura e tregut që dominohet nga Kastrati e Gega sugjerojnë që kemi të bëjmë me një aktivitet të organizuar.

E para, që sasia e madhe e naftës kontrabandë të hidhet në treg është i nevojshëm bashkëpunimi i kompanive të mëdha që kontrollojnë tregun e shumicës. Sot në Shqipëri 80 për qind të këtij tregu e kontrollojnë Kastrati dhe Gega.

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