Lekaj-Fier concession, equal to 10 incinerators, but is there any media or "analyst" who speaks?!

2023-04-13 19:58:55Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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In the investigation of the incinerator file, the investigation with double standards by the Special Prosecutor's Office has already been proven, but with it, the double standard of a good part of the media, including those that classify themselves as opposition, has also been proven.

It is about media of all kinds, from a national television that claims to protect the interests of citizens, to peripheral portals that describe themselves as opposition. In this wide media group you can see daily chronicles and articles about incinerators.

In these media sources, the figures circulating in the air about the damage caused to the state are among the most diverse. Sometimes 22 million euros are reported, sometimes 57 million, sometimes 128 million and sometimes 420 million euros.

On the other hand, the same media does not find a minute or a single line to talk about one of the biggest thefts of the state budget and Albanians' pockets, the concession of the Lekaj-Fier road.

In these media, this concession is presented as a strategic one, which connects the main economic nodes of the country, and the fact is hidden from the Albanians that for a road where 90 percent of the axis is built, 8 companies have joined to place the beam with the claim that they will invest 360 million euros, when in fact the only investment they will make is that of placing the beam and collecting the fee for its passage.

From the very business plan submitted by the six companies in the winning bid, they admit that the revenue they are expected to collect from the fees is at least 1.3 billion euros. The figure is 10 times greater than the figure for which the incinerators are accused.

But, despite this, this is not news in these media. But why? The reason is simple. In one of these companies, a national television with strong ties to Sali Berisha's family is directly involved.
This is only for the Lekaj-Fier concession, without taking the Thumanë-Kashar one acquired by Gener 2. Even in this concession, the company's business plan foresees at least 1.3 billion euros in profits at the end of the 35-year term.

Simply put, it is about an affair that can go up to 5 billion euros, or as much as a third of the country's gross domestic product and 10 to 20 times more than the figure for which the incinerators are accused. However, for these national and 'opposition' media, this is not news.

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