"One of us will run away", Ilnisa ​​is afraid of elimination and bursts into tears (VIDEO)

2024-04-03 18:31:55Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Meriton and Ilnisa

After being disqualified from 'Big Brother VIP', Ilnisa, Meritoni and Egla will be voted by the public, where one of them must stop the competition.

Precisely, this thing has introduced fear between the couple, that the one eliminated will be one of them. It was Meritoni who asked his partner a question, if he leaves, she should win this edition of 'BBVIP'.

While this question touched Ilnisa, who then burst into tears.


Meritoni : What an experience! I'm running, will you win it?

Ilnisa: But why do you have to leave? Should I go? Change theme

Meritoni: I'm leaving, will you win it?

Ilnisa: I'm leaving, will you win?

Meritoni: Let's stick to mine

Ilnisa: If you are leaving, will I stay here? what do you say

Meritoni: Yes, of course. You have to earn it! Why should you let these win you? Who should win this (Egla)? It is our prize

Ilnisa: Let's change the subject, how do we know who ran away? That I don't want to cry now.

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