The Italian media write about Heidi's meeting with Beatrice Luzzi, Massimiliano Varrese reacts

2024-04-22 17:05:37Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Heidi Baci / Beatrice Luzzi / Massimiliano Varrese

The Italian media have written extensively today about the special meeting of the Italian actress Beatrice Luzzi with the competitor of Big Brother Vip Albania, Heidi Baçi.

The meeting was special, very emotional as Beatrice Luzzi did not hesitate to support and encourage Heidi.

But the Italian actress stated that on several occasions, both she and Heidi had to endure the attacks of Massimiliano Varrese, who often exerted pressure, albeit unintentionally, on them.

Luzzi then closed this meeting with Heidi by saying that she was convinced that if Heidi had decided to stay, she would have managed to ease the tension in the Cemetery.

Varrese had a brief relationship with Heidi, inside Big Brother in Italy, but which made a big fuss due to the intervention of Heidi's father, who asked her to end the relationship and leave the house.

However, Massimiliano Varrese seems to have found his way to react. While during the meeting at BBV, he made a post on social networks.

"Everyone sees in the world what they carry in their hearts. Goethe". A way, perhaps, of saying that what was said about him does not match the real reason that led him to perform certain actions at home.