He's been eliminated from the house, Lydia tells who wins Big Brother.

2024-04-21 20:31:47Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Lidos Delia

Contestant Lidi Delia was eliminated from the "VIP Big Brother" house after a "head-to-head" nomination with Liam Osman.

After leaving this reality show, the former resident returned to the studio, where he faced several questions from moderator Ledion Liço and the opinionists of "BBV", Arbër Hajdari and Ori Nebijaj.

"Who do you think will win Big Brother?" asked Arbri, while Lidi said he is between Romeo Veshaj and Heidi Baci.

The opinionist insisted on asking the resident which of the duo he thinks will win the grand prize, and Lidi said that Heidi will be the winner of "BBV" because this year it must be a woman who will win the grand prize.