"I held all the inhabitants on my shoulders," lid delia says: Heidi took all the credits

2024-04-21 15:52:11Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Member Delia

Lid Delia was invited today to the Fan Club as a former resident of "Big Brother Vip" where he spoke about his experience in this format and his rap with Heidi and other residents.

He said that, because of Heidi's attention, he was not given much room to play because he was a new resident, while as for the mission (Heidi's brother), Lidi said that he has given more energy to make it reliable to the inhabitants, but heidi has taken credit!

Part of the interview:

Angie: Meanwhile, you've said heidin, I can't fall out with the first nomination. D.m.th. you've been upset that you've come out, it's affected your ego a little bit and what do you think went wrong in your stay at home?

Lydia: In fact, from week one, I think from the mission I think I've given 80% of the energy I've given to heidi. Heidi on the mission just laughed and walked away. I kept all the people on my shoulders.

Ronaldo: Why didn't you tell Heidi in his eyes? You got into a moment in the game, that Egla was making a name outside and you agreed to be pro Ella always, you accepted to be pro Romeo and I don't understand why you didn't tell her?

Lydia: Heidi wouldn't decide what would be discussed on Prime. When prime was discussed the story, all credit went to Heidi and I was asked a very small question . Then, the story ran with Heidi, finished with Heidi and closed. Heidi was a person who, part of the coolness, the logic, I liked and we continued the report. Then on the second Prime I was young and didn't have much space to talk about not giving information from the outside.