They agree deserve romeo, hug and apologize to each other

2024-04-21 17:25:16Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Meriton and Romeo

Today, performing the show "TAR" Meriton and Romeo found only the two seem to have reflected.

They both apologized and apologized to each other. They have been raised and embraced by showing that they have left the stumbles.

We recall meriton and Romeo were friends but inside the house they had problems that went into arguments.

Meriton: Let's use it for good, be calm when we have conversations and not think that the other person is biased.

Romeo agrees that the inside of the house reacted differently, catching fire for a word of mouth.

Meriton: I'm sorry that things have been overdone at some point...

Romeo: We've oversteached and I think we've both been wrong... But these are situations that happen at home and I'm going to be sad to see them when I go out. From mistakes we must learn to be careful and apologize. But the pressure in here is very high. Because of him, you say the first word. Love always wins, not playing with each other.

Thinking about the future, what happened... We can't change it.