Heidi Baçi tells the smartest girl at home, stings Egla: I don't put herself in the house

2024-04-21 17:40:41Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Heidi Bachi

On Top Albania Radio is broadcasting 'Big Brother Live from the House', which will make you company until 18:00, a radio show from the most famous house in the country. The most commented characters are reinvented in the roles of presenters and guests, with plenty of surprises and emotions.

Asked by Juli which of the housegirls is the most intelligent, except Evella, Heidi replied:

Heidi: Intelligence has left this house. Thankfully we have Egla. It's gone. No more intelligence.

Juli: Didn't he come at all?

Heidi: It's not that it didn't come. At this point in the smart home... I don't put myself in, I don't have it. Thankfully we have Egla raising her.

Egla: Thank you for your consideration, but I don't call myself intelligent.

Juli: I also said 'except Ella' that I knew you meant Eggla.
Further, Heidi added:

Intelligence is a very rare thing. Having fox people has a difference. The devil has a lot. To be cunning and evil and to think, there's a lot there. But intelligence is something else. Totally different thing. You have to tell me smart, not clever. Cunning is offensive.