"My husband beat me", the well-known singer "MAJA" receives a protection order: the partner must stay 200 meters away from her! (DOCUMENTS)

2024-04-22 14:00:42Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Maya and her husband

The well-known Albanian singer, Maya Aliçkaj, was granted a protection order by the Court of Tirana a few days ago, due to violence by her husband. Maja, with the official name Fatbardha Ulbirch and her husband Arben Ulbirch (Arben Shuaipi), seem to have had conflicts with each other for a long time, while earlier they were part of several television appearances, where they advertised their house on the outskirts of Tirana.

Shuaipi is ordered by a court decision not to approach his wife, more than 200 meters, meaning also their villa in the Mullet area. Likewise, the singer's husband should become part of the rehabilitation programs against domestic violence. The possibility is not excluded that this move by the singer may have been due to conflicts over the wealth that the couple had. In addition to the cottage in Mullet, Maja and her husband also have two cottages in the Rolling Hills area.

In an interview given 6 years ago, about the villa, the singer admitted that she had conflicts with her husband and about the furnishings of the villa.

"It took me a long time to build the villa, we built it slowly, for many reasons, because we were busy with many other jobs. We are not done with the sesba. Tamam tamam has been worked for a year and 6 months. Everything is done really high quality. Everything has to be perfect.

I spent the whole night on the Internet, but seeing and doing are far away, Ben also saw it and said it couldn't be done. In general, I say the train has left, it has to be done, we had very few arguments about the taste part, too much was spent here, too much was spent there", said Maja, in the interview for Magjistar.

Maja and her husband are parents of a son, who arrived after many years in life.

"My husband beat me", the well-known singer "MAJA" receives