"Kiss me, mom! I'm your little one", Neda Balluku tells the shocking story: I was beaten because I gave birth to a girl, I still have scars...

2023-09-27 12:58:32Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

There are still people who have experienced things that, when you hear them, it is hard to think that a person suffered on their back, and even more so a child.

Times have changed today, but perhaps the cities see the greatest development, because it is certain that even today, deep in remote villages, the years were just numbers, and the mentality remains the same.

Such was the message that had arrived from a follower on the "instagram" social network of Neda Balluk, who has recently been very active with her advice and opinions.

"My mother beat me all my life with a belt, she locked me in the cow shed and beat me with everything she could and grabbed me by the hair, she let me sleep in the cow shed. And when I told him why he surrounded me, he told me that you are a girl and he loved his brothers very much. He beat me so badly that I cried while choking or my nose was bleeding", writes the follower.

But even more disturbing was the comment of the beautiful girl on the screen, who in the lines "constructed" the painful cause and effect.

"I know, mother, that when you were like me, no one warmed your back from the cold. No one took your hands to join theirs, and brought them to your mouth to warm them with breath.

I know, ma, that your back grew with the threats that after every word said it would become softer than your stomach and that your hands were tools. Just like mine are today!

I know that no one wiped away the tears when the milking cow kicked you. I know that the hair was really given to them because with the kick that killed you, it spilled the milk of the family. I know that they have given you countless loaves of bread with the pennies earned from that milk.

I know that they only knew your name, and I don't understand how you didn't lose yourself when the one who made your head didn't want to know anything about you. Did you have dreams, ma! Did you want to grow up!

I know, mom, that no one ever asked you if you were in love with your shepherd friend. With the clarity of the sky or the scent of flowers in the lawn. I know, I know that no one asked you or took your permission when he kissed you and when he entered your flesh. Except your father, go on, he said.

I know that you could never say no to me. You never said stop. But what's my fault?

Why do you pour the suffering that you couldn't become a loved and desired person on me?! Are you testing me if I have the power that you didn't have?! Don't you hate that I was born with a voice like you?! Are you trying to become Lord of your destiny by becoming Lord of my destiny?!

I know, but stop! Stop it! Don't worry! Don't. Oh my!

Kiss me oh ma! Hug me! I am your little girl and I am ready for you to be my little girl. Let's grow together. Let's heal together. Let's love together the clarity of the sky and the fragrance of the flowers in the lawn.

Maybe like this, mother, one day I will really be your flower, and you my shepherd", writes Neda.

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