Horoscope, Tuesday, September 20, 2023

2023-09-19 22:42:08Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Horoscope, Tuesday, September 20, 2023

Read Paolo Fox's forecasted horoscope to find out what the stars have in store: Astrological predictions for every sign. All about love, work, health and luck.


You will face some fiery days. The Moon will soon begin an important transit and will guarantee you great advantages from now on all week! After two years of reflection and anticipation (2021 and 2002), from now until 2024 the key word will be "restart" and the desire to engage without borders will increase.


According to Paolo Fox's horoscope, new resources are coming, good news especially for those who have had economic problems. The Moon in opposition to you has recently created some worries, mainly a lot of fatigue, and some are still a little under pressure, but this will not last long. Interesting sky about private relationships.


The day will start in an interesting way but in the afternoon you may have to face problems and tensions. You need to understand what is bothering you and why you cannot be calm. Also, avoid staying up late and devote proper time to rest!


You are experiencing a period of recovery, but try not to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Your melancholic streak pulsates a lot, but try to share your feelings with others. You need protection in love.


A calm and positive day awaits you, now you can breathe a little after hours of confusion; Your combative and courageous nature will lead you to constant battles, even when there is probably no need for it. Now you have great responsibilities and you have to work hard to achieve results.


The Moon in good aspect makes you have clear ideas about the future: ideas and solutions are slowly coming that will help you a lot. The only problem can arise if you have to do everything yourself…


For you this is a period of action in which you will want to do many things in a short time: favorable stars and active Mars in the sign will help you manage everything as well as possible, but perhaps someone has exaggerated in putting many irons in the fire…


All the troubles of the last few months are finally ready to be overcome: someone had to face a problem related to a transfer or changes in habits; others experienced tensions at work or in places of action. Things will improve in the coming hours.


Compatibility and social skills are at the top: do not hesitate to make new acquaintances and relationships. There may be some issues with inner and emotional balance, but nothing you can't manage and overcome easily. Pay attention to finances.


Your energy and adventurous spirit are as high as ever. Getting along with others is a roller coaster, but your communication skills help smooth the edges.


Prepare to experience an intense period. Pay attention to health, there may be many problems. There are ups and downs in love, but you know how to deal with them. Things are going well at work, but finances need a little more attention.


Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions. Your creativity is at its peak and fortune is smiling generously at you. On the love front, there are some clouds on the horizon, but don't despair!