Beniada speaks with tears in her eyes after parting with Arbë Hajdar's brother: I wish him the best

2023-09-19 12:21:43Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

It was hinted in the media that she was in a relationship with Arbë Hajdari's brother and former football player of Tirana, Blerti.

According to the rumors that circulated, the pair met at "Procesi Sportiv" and were photographed several times together at various events. However, none of them ever confirmed these rumors.

What was confirmed a few weeks ago was the model split. Beniada himself has broken his silence today speaking for the first time about the separation. Invited to "Wake Up", Beniada expressed gratitude for the relationship as long as it lasted. Tearful with beautiful emotions, the model wished the best to her ex-partner.

" It matters what we live. Even if a relationship ends, it is important to have enjoyed it. How it went, it went, it doesn't matter. We should only take the beautiful memories. I wish the best for myself and that person because they deserve the best. When you are positive, things go well. Even if I've had an ups and downs summer, I'm happy. Now I am single and I think a very beautiful love will come." she said.