Carrying his name on his shoulder, Daku presents Katana's wife with tickets for the match against the Czech Republic

2023-09-19 11:20:37Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Wife of Agim Ramadani and Mirlind Daku

The wife of Agim Ramadani, otherwise known as Commander Katana, was invited to the show "Invitation to 5". Mirlind Daku, the national football player who has a Katana tattoo on his shoulder, was also invited.

During the interview, Daku promised Katana's wife tickets to see the match between Albania and the Czech Republic.

She certainly accepted and stated that she will be present to watch the match on October 12.

Mirlind Daku made history by scoring the second goal against Poland as soon as he entered the field, with the first touch of the ball after a sensation where he was brought to tears by a lost ball.

" God helps the righteous man in everything. The tears I shed were from the soul, because I made my debut with the National Team, not because I didn't pass well. At the moment of the goal, it seemed as if all the evil I had inside, came out. It was like I had 100 kg on my shoulders and I took them off. Ever since I received the invitation to the National team, I knew that I would score 100% for Poland. If I lie, may God punish me. The goal goes to the martyrs who gave their lives in Kosovo for us ," he said after the match.

Daku also spoke yesterday about the "Katana 138" tattoo, showing that it is a symbol of national unity, while adding that he does not care even if he is punished.

" The moment I took my shirt off, I forgot, then at a moment when I was putting the shirt on, I remembered and pointed to it. It was a message I wanted to convey. I knew it would be talked about. People who have given their lives for freedom should not be forgotten. I knew that there would be a lot of talk, I have also seen the reactions.

I chose that moment because I always grew up with a patriotic spirit at home, with the love for Ramadan as a commander, it also connected us with art. Every soldier like Agim Ramadani and anyone else who has contributed to the war in Kosovo, has fought for the unification of the Albanian lands, and this image shows the breaking of the border, it is a gesture of unification with the border stone.

Even if they punish me, I don't care, I just hope that the national team is not punished. In Russia, there is no reaction to my tattoo. I have teammates from Serbia, but they don't tell me anything, maybe they are afraid. They asked me about the tattoo, I showed them. They don't even know what an event is ," said Daku.