Careful! What does it mean if your mobile shows a green signal at the top?

2023-09-19 11:59:17Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Technology is as useful as it is dangerous. Careful!

Recently, a detail in smartphones with the Android operating system caused concern among users.

According to British media, a green "privacy indicator", as it is called, appearing in the upper right corner of the screen can mean that your phone's microphones or camera are active.

While this isn't necessarily dangerous, it could indicate that an app is trying to access your devices without your permission.

Why is this happening? Some apps require access to your microphones, camera, or even your location to function properly. However, some other applications can exploit these accesses for malicious purposes.

Of course, changing app access rights is also easy on Android (in settings). This way, the user can control which apps have access to which devices on their phone. If the privacy indicator turns on for no apparent reason, it's a good idea to check the app's permissions and run a security scan.