Caught by the oligarchs/ What is missing from the election spot of the coalition "We win together"?!

2023-05-11 18:04:21Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Photo taken from the PD spot

On May 5, Sali Berisha posted the electoral spot titled 'Edi Rama's Casserole', with a request to his followers to share it and see it as much as possible.

Almost a week later, the spot has been taken by 29 thousand people, out of 1.1 million followers that Sali Berisha himself has. The figure is less than 3 percent of the total. This figure becomes even more negligible if we compare it with the number of voters, which is almost 1.7 million.

But what is wrong with the electoral spot of the Berisha-Meta coalition? Why don't you join the Albanians? The only reason is the hypocrisy of the opposition of Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta. Both attack Edi Rama for corruption, tenders, major corrupt affairs, but are selective in denouncing oligarchs, who are the real beneficiaries of tenders and concessions.

Could it be a coincidence that Berisha and Meta do not take the language of the Lekaj-Fier concession, or to the Thumanë-Kashar one? Is it a coincidence that the couple Berisha Meta denounce as a corrupt affair the concession for the construction of the tourist port of Durrës, but are silent about the port of Vlora given with the same formula to Samir Manen?

Is it a coincidence that Berisha from Lushnja denounces on the basis of rumors the brother of the mayor Eriselda Sefa for corruption, but has tied the tongue for Arben Ahmetaj, the creator of many concessions that today are on file in SPAK, already aligned with the opposition in an attempt to save own skin?

Is it a coincidence that the duo Berisha-Meta are silent about the concession of 60 million euros of tax stamps? What about the silence about the fuel board, that after they described it as a communist who is ripping off the citizens, they took it to the Constitutional Court with a deficient file just to be overturned by the court, could it be a coincidence?

Why doesn't the duo Berisha-Meta talk about the concession of half a billion euros of the National Road for Çet Kastrati? What about Rinas airport?

These are part of the reasons why the oppositionism of Berisha and Ilir Meta is unbelievable and that both of them are captured by the oligarchs, because you can't talk all the time about how Albania is being looted and never point the finger of guilt. from her plunderers.

That's why Berisha's spot with the pan has nothing new, except for recycling half-hearted and selective accusations. Neither Berisha nor Meta entered this campaign with accusations in the territory of the oligarchs, those whose wealth together makes up almost half of the country's gross domestic product.

How Sali Berisha distorts the Facebook figures

Sali Berisha accessed the Facebook algorithms to convey to his followers on social networks the idea of ??massive support, according to him, of the opposition and its candidates in the May 14 elections.

In his posts, he provides comparative data between the candidates of Together We Win and those of the socialists. But that's all. It does not say the time of the measurements, nor about the content of the posts where citizens have reacted.

Why is transparency needed for these two elements? First to understand if the comparison is equal. Which means, if at the moment of measuring the reaction of the citizens, both the candidate of Berisha and the candidate of the socialists were active.

Because it may happen that the measurement for the candidates of Together We Win is at the peak of the reaction of the users of social networks, while for the socialist rival a dim schedule is taken, for example at night.

This is one reason why the figures published by Berisha are unbelievable. The second element that reinforces the conviction of the unreliability of these figures is even more obvious; electoral spot.

On May 5, Berisha posted the spot titled 'Edi Rama's Casserole' accompanied by a request to distribute it to as many followers as possible. But, out of 1.1 million followers, only 29 thousand have seen it, or less than 3 percent of them.

For comparison, Edi Rama posted a day later than Berisha a non-national electoral spot, but aimed at a limited audience; only voters in the three municipalities of Memaliaj, Devoll and Divjakë. Despite the fact that the spot is not national, it has attracted about 65 thousand views, or twice more than Sali Berisha's national spot. /