Investigations against Arben Ahmetaj, SPAK interrogates several businessmen

2023-05-05 12:02:34Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Arben Ahmetaj

SPAK has interrogated several businessmen in the investigation file it has opened against Arben Ahmetaj. The persons in question were not taken as defendants, but as persons who can help in the progress of the investigations and provide other evidence for the four charges brought against the former Deputy Prime Minister.

 The sources say that the businessmen who built the two villas in Hamallaj and Palasa, properties which are in the name of Ahmetaj's cohabitant and ex-wife, have given evidence, against which the court has decided the measure of preventive seizure.

Among the people who have testified in SPAK there are also media figures, while relatives of the Socialist MP have also been questioned.

 SPAK has started investigations against the former number two of the government with four accusations brought against him. Ahmetaj is accused of abuse of office, corruption, illegal benefits and money laundering.

The Special Prosecutor's Office has joined the two proceedings in file 277 fraction 1 of the incinerator file in Elbasan, where Ahmetaj is being investigated for abuse of office as well as the case related to the villa in Hamallaj and other properties suspected of having been benefited through corrupt schemes.

Arben Ahmetaj was officially charged by SPAK in the middle of March, after SPAK carried out controls in two villas located in Hamallaj and Palasa. The villa in Hamallaj is owned by his current partner, Erjola Hoxha, while the one in Palasa is owned by his ex-wife, Albina Mançka. The latter denied ownership in the testimony given to the prosecutors.

Other developments related to this file are foreseen for after the elections, when the special prosecution is expected to address the Assembly with the request for the removal of Arben Ahmetaj's immunity.

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