Privatization scandal in SPAK/ How Arben Ahmetaj "forgave" Lirim Fejzollari two state properties

2023-05-09 16:21:27Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Arben Ahmetaj and Lirim Fezollari

The privatization of two enviable state properties in Tirana has been done contrary to the decisions of the courts and the whole genesis of the manipulation is a letter of Arben Ahmetaj that never arrived at the National Business Center.

It is about two properties of the company Buka SHA. in the May 5 area and in the area of ??the Palace with Arrows in the capital. Today, both properties are used by the businessman Lirim Fezollari, as a shareholder of almost 90 percent of the shares of the Buka company.

Everything starts in 2015, when the Ministry of Economic Development and Entrepreneurship, headed at that time by Arben Ahmetaj, opens an auction for the sale of nearly 46 percent of its shares. Lirim Fezollari wins the auction. The quota transfer contract was signed between the businessman and the Ministry of Finance on August 21, 2015.

However, this contract became the subject of a lawsuit initiated by the Myderizi family for a part of the land of the Buka company in the 5 May area, where they had acquired the ownership title.

The judicial process was concluded in 2018 with a final decision of the administrative appeal court of Tirana. The court decided to cancel the entire auction and therefore all the transactions that were carried out after this auction.

Pursuant to this court decision, as reported by, the Minister of Economic Development Arben Ahmetaj issues the order for the cancellation of the 2015 auction at the beginning of November 2018. So far everything seems fine. So far everything seems fine. But the problem is that the court's decision was not implemented and continues to be.

According to the data of the National Business Center, the auction is de facto in force. Sources from this center claim that there are two possibilities as to why the cancellation of the auction was not reflected.

The first is that the document signed by Arben Ahmetaj in November 2018 was made for face and it was not officially submitted to the KKB to be reflected in the commercial register of businesses.

The second possibility is that Arben Ahmetaj acted with two documents, where one is the one that was made available to the Myderizi family and the other with completely opposite content from the first was submitted to the KKB.

In both cases, Arben Ahmetaj is caught in violation in this case. In the first case for abuse of duty by not implementing a final decision of the courts. In the second case, for misuse of duties and falsification of documents.

However, Arben Ahmetaj in this matter seems to have played well. The former minister and former deputy prime minister has not yet been summoned by SPAK for the file on the privatization of the Buka company. The one who was interrogated is Shkëlqim Cani.

Sources affirm that in his testimony, Shkëlqim Cani affirmed that the Ministry of Finance respected the law and that it was not within its competence to verify the claims of ownership titles, as long as the Buka company and its properties were under the management and ownership of Ministry of Economic Development and Entrepreneurship, directed by Arben Ahmetaj.

Explained in more detail, the entire procedure was well thought out by Arben Ahmetaj, from the opening of the auction, to the signing of a letter that never arrived at the KKB for the implementation of the court's decision./ BoldNews

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