Materials on Zoto's computers/ Evidence of tax evasion, but no evidence of corruption

2022-12-07 14:15:43Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

SPAK has seized data from the three computers and the seized phone of Klodian Zoto for the Elbasan incinerator investigation file. From the materials provided by these devices, compromising evidence has been found for officials and former officials of the Ministry of Energy, but there is no evidence to prove the accusation of corruption against the former Minister of Environment, Lefter Koka.

The materials provided by SPAK confirm that the whole scheme is related to fiscal evasion and not to corruption of state officials, as the opposition claims.

Why? Among the materials found in Klodian Zoto's equipment are the accounts and money transfers of the Albtek company. The data show that the money that was transferred to other companies was collected again by Albtek. So, the money was only transferred from the concessionaire to its subcontractors and then from the subcontractors again to the concessionaire's accounts and not to Lefter Koka.

As an example, among the documents provided by SPAK on May 30, 2016, it appears that the company Bellart Inert has made a payment return of almost 2.5 million lek that it had received earlier from the company Albtek.

The materials suggest that the scheme was used to avoid taxes and not to divert funds away from their purpose, which was to build the incinerator.

SPAK's economic expert, Ismail Lleshi, has also reached this conclusion. His expertise comes to the conclusion that the money transferred between the accounts was spent as an investment in the incinerator, not being able to prove the accusations of abuse and diversion of public money. The investment in the object, from the completed evaluation of the experts, resulted in 22 thousand euros more than what the state paid.

Meanwhile, the subcontractors of Albtek who were involved in the tax evasion scheme were previously sentenced by the Court of Tirana and the one of Durrës. From the investigative files of the courts, these companies are involved in fiscal evasion schemes not only with the incinerator of Elbasan, but also with other companies.