"A Bad Qeros", the rare document, the third grade student in 1924 describes the murderer of Avni Rustemi

2024-04-22 08:59:28Histori SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The page of the math text where the student wrote

The director of the National Center of Traditional Activities, Niko Kotherja, has published on social networks a photo of the book of a student who in 1924 wrote about the murder of Avni Rustemi.

The student, identified as Ramazan Heta, writes that Rustemi was killed by "Isuf Reci, a bad thug who doesn't care."

Even today, the appearance of the miller Isuf Reci, who eliminated Rustem, is not known, but according to director Kotherja, the description of the third grade student will help to identify his appearance.

Full post:

On April 22, 1924, Avni Rustemi passed away in the hospital. He was injured two days ago by Isuf Reci, an Essadist miller.

Since until today it has not been possible to recognize a photograph of him, a description of the murderous miller, written by a third grade student in Tirana, named Ramazan Heta, helps us. On one of the pages of his arithmetic text, the student writes: "Mr. Avni Rustemi was killed in Tirana in 1924, allaturka date, March 14, for Ramadan, he was killed by Mr. Isuf Reci, a bad guy who doesn't give a damn. (…)”

The student, who apparently had a familiar face to Recin, fortunately left us this note, which may serve to find the photo of the miller, who ran away after taking Avni Rustemi's arms.

Until the photo can be found, with this data we can build an identity of the killer, this evil "who doesn't think about it".