As today 39 years ago, Ramiz Alia succeeds Enver Hoxha (Rare footage)

2024-04-17 18:25:51Histori SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ramiz Alia and Enver Hoxha

The General Directorate of Archives has devoted a resume to the important communist political development of April 17, 1985, the day when the power of Enver Hoxha passed to Ramiz Alia.

After the death of the dictator from Gjirokastra, the communist power would be succeeded by a Shkodran, a name that had known with high intelligence to stay away from the eddies where many heads of the regime had drowned.

Five years later, Ramiz Ali would be credited with the ability to change power "without blood", after allowing political pluralism.