Ylli Manjani: Lefter Koka and Alqi Blako are in prison because of the wrath of the LSI

2023-03-24 20:04:39Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ylli Manjani, Lefter Koka and Alqi Blako

According to the former Minister of Justice, Ylli Manjani, the two former high officials Lefter Koka and Alqi Blako are in prison today only because of the wrath of the LSI, because they ran away from the party.

In a Skype connection for the Zona Zeri show on Top News, Manjani said that regarding the issue of incinerators, SPAK is acting on the basis of the LSI's report and not on the basis of its investigations. 

"I was critical of the fragmentation of the case. What happened to the case? Did the LSI regret it, or did it deal with Lefter Koka, said let's put a hook on him, where to hook him up, hook him up to the incinerators because this is more the most reliable, or the most catchy for the public, who was barely caught, but was caught anyway. Let's investigate it, and SPAK investigates the report of LSI, put Lefter in. The same thing, LSI is taken again, he's angry with Alqi, Alqi left the LSI. The same thing with Alqi and then some other officials came in. And then comes the story that over time these were not enough for us but we need another one. The whole problem is that this is not a justice-initiated case, the result of an integrated investigative plan to get to the truth." Ylli Manjani said.

Among other things, Manjani said that the accusations regarding the people who are today behind bars for the issue of incinerators are absurd and not based on evidence.