Rama warns the mayors: SP as a ringleader, get off at a station and pick it up again if you don't throw stones at it

2023-03-20 17:42:38Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edi Rama

The local elections are just around the corner and the corridors of the Socialist Party are buzzing about who will be running for May 14.

Sources from the SP indicate that some of the mayors will not be reconfirmed for another mandate. Rama has their list ready, while the formalization is expected on March 25, when the Presidency meets.

Strong clashes have started at the base, especially for those who will no longer be. So far it is known that Saranda, Vlora, Kuçova and Bulqiza will not be reconfirmed.

These changes have somewhat affected the balance established in the base of the Socialists, and some of the mayors who have not been confirmed have shown dissatisfaction.

It is precisely these grievances, which can lead to a leakage of votes, that Rama has warned that he will not tolerate. Due to the attacks that are taking place from within the SP, the leading socialist has been forced to invite all the mayors to a dinner.

Dinner was last week in Peza. In his speech, Rama focused on the internal war that is happening in the Socialist Party.

Addressing the candidates who will no longer be, Rama said that the Socialist Party is like a ring bus, which leaves you at one station and picks you up again on the next road if you have not thrown stones at it.

During this speech, Rama was addressing the Mayor of Saranda, who will not run for re-election. But the message was also for others like him. Rama left the SP door open for them, but on the condition that they do not throw stones at the party.

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