Behind the scenes of the election of Vlora Hysen at the head of SHISH, how he was burned by the Americans Olian Kanushi

2023-03-17 16:50:43Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Vlora Hyseni and Olian Kanushi

On December 23 of last year, at the request of Prime Minister Edi Rama, President Bajram Begaj signed the decree for the release from office of the head of the State Information Service, Helidon Bendo, as after the dismissal he was appointed advisor to Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Instead of Bendo, Oljan Kanushi was appointed at the head of SHISH at that time, Olian Kanushi, former advisor to Prime Minister Edi Rama, who had been leading this institution for about 1 year because Bendo was doing post-graduate studies in the USA.

Sources at the time said that Bendo's dismissal came after an altercation the latter had with Kanushi in his office. Bendo interrupted the course in the USA and showed up unexpectedly at the offices of SHISH, having learned that Kanushi was firing some of the directors who were his trusted names. This was also the reason for the strong clash between them.

But, as it appeared that Olian Kanushi would hold the leadership of SHISH for a long time after appointing his trustees to key positions, today an unexpected announcement came from Prime Minister Edi Rama.

He announced that he had proposed to President Bajram Begaj the name of Vlora Hysen to take over the leadership of the National Intelligence Service, as according to him, she constitutes a full guarantee for the further reformation of the Albanian intelligence service.

"Today I presented to the President of the Republic the proposal for the appointment of Mrs. VLORA HYSENI as director of the National Intelligence Service, with full confidence that the outstanding preparation, the experience created over the years and the respect that Mrs. Hyseni enjoys in the international intelligence community, constitute a guarantee complete for the further reformation of the Albanian intelligence service." writes Rama on social networks.

However, sources indicate that Vlora Hyseni was not the first choice of Prime Minister Edi Rama, but the incumbent Olian Kanushi. But, the name of the latter was not preferred by the Americans.

Not wanting to break the relations with the partners stationed on the Elbasan road, Prime Minister Edi Rama then decided to propose the name of Vlora Hysen.

The latter previously held the position of deputy director of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency, until she was dismissed on June 30, 2021. She also directed the Kosovo Intelligence Agency for 4 months after this institution was left without a director after the dismissal of Kreshnik Gashi.

After being dismissed by Albin Kurti and Vjosa Osmani, Prime Minister Edi Rama appointed Vlora Hysen as his adviser.

From the little information that is known about her, Hyseni is described as an expert and very well versed in security issues and international relations. She speaks several foreign languages./ Vox