Note: The pregnant mother and Ahmetaj echo!

2023-03-17 14:58:00Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
In the photo: Arben Ahmetaj and Diana Bahçja

The case of the expectant mother, who was imprisoned only 8 days after giving birth, shows once again the standards by which Albanian justice operates.

The first standard is the one for the weak, the poor, to whom the law applies so strictly that it imposes handcuffs for 5 thousand lek even in maternity.

The second standard is the one for the powerful, to whom the prosecution uses ridiculous alibi justifications to justify why it cannot act. The best illustration for this case is that of Arben Ahmetaj.

Regarding the expectant mother, the prosecutor did not even want to know that he was depriving a newborn of breastfeeding and interpreted the law word for word.

Against Arben Ahmetaj, the prosecutors of SPAK invented words to justify not investigating him for the suspected and accused corrupt affairs, even though the evidence and evidence against him have echoed.

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